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Legal note and corporation information

Pursuant to provisions of art. 10 of the Act of 34/2002 of 11 July, the Law on Services of an Electronic Information and Commerce Law Company, all the Users are notified that the present web site belongs to: VIDAL I PORTA, S.L., Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 289 Escalera derecha entresuelo – 08014 Barcelona, C.I.F.: B59712182 mail: administracio@vidaliporta.com.

Privacy policy

Through the contact form located in the section “Contact” and also through the Bulletin, in order to present news about its products by means of its bulletin, VIDAL I PORTA, S.L., asks herein for data of a personal character, which shall be a subject matter of an automated processing and will be incorporated in appropriate folders, the data shall be treated according to the Personal Data Protection Organic Law 15/1999 and the said files shall be legally registered in the General Register of Personal Data.

Being responsible for the said files, VIDAL I PORTA, S.L. understands that in the moment you send us your personal data through the different forms contained in this website or by e-mail, you also give us your authorization and express consent to have the said data incorporated in our automated files, which shall be of a revocable character, and that you accept conditions of their processing as presented below.

Rights of access, correction, cancellation, and opposition of the data.

Data that are requested are necessary for the purpose they are collected and in no case you will be obliged to provide us your personal data, even though some of them may be absolutely indispensable (for instance the e-mail address), but if you do not give us such data, it will make it impossible for us to render certain services we offer to you.

The present website collects data of a personal character through a form and it is understood that its conditions are accepted by the User in the moment he/she presses the button SEND that is located in the data collection form which you have just filled in.

Data included in our files are absolutely confidential and utilised only within our company and for the indicated purposes.The data shall be treated as fully secret in a way meeting all requirements imposed upon us by the Personal Data Protection Organic Law 15/1999. Your personal data will not be transferred to any third persons unless we obtain your prior consent.

How to execute rights of access, correction, cancellation, and opposition of the data?

You have the right to access our files to consult your data recorded there, correct them, and delete them if you do not wish to have them registered herein any more at any moment. In case of a cancellation of your personal data, they shall be blocked and they will not be available to VIDAL I PORTA, S.L., any more.

These rights are free of charge and they shall be realised within deadlines established by the Law. You can notify us about the right you wish to avail of by e-mail: administracio@vidaliporta.com in order to have them cancelled, or by e-mail sent to our address presented in the section “Corporative information”.

Users can send their petitions, requests, and complaints to the above mentioned e-mail addresses.


“vidaliporta.com” is a web site containing information and other specific content referring to the security world. The access to the content is free and unrestricted, pursuant to provisions of this document, however in respect of defined services (virtual shop, distributors’ area, application forms, etc.) there will be required a registration in our databases, as well as an approval of conditions that shall be applicable in determined cases. VIDAL I PORTA, S.L., shall reserve the right to change the information presented in this website, its disposition, organization, tools, and functions, as well as the present Legal Note without the necessity of any notification at any moment.

Provisions of this Legal Note shall be applicable for Users of this website without prejudice to any particular conditions that can be established in a given case.

Protection and utilisation of the content

The content of this website, by way of example but without any limitation, as well as the texts, images, animations, sounds, logos, trademarks, computer applications, and all other elements that may be protectable under the law on intellectual or industrial property, as well as the whole set of them, both within their programming, structure, organization, cataloging, indexing, layout and design, form a database protected as such pursuant to laws and international treaties referring to the intellectual property, and they belong exclusively to VIDAL I PORTA, S.L. There are reserved all rights of a reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, as a whole or partially, except for cases when it is expressly indicated and if it is necessary to utilise or have an access to the services offered herein. “VIDAL I PORTA”, “VIDAL I PORTA, S.L.” and/or their logos are registered trademarks belonging to VIDAL I PORTA, S.L. It is prohibited to have the said denominations and images used by third parties not authorised to do so.

The names of the domain vidaliporta.com and www.vidaliporta.com also belong exclusively to VIDAL I PORTA, S.L.

The content of third persons included in the website in indicated cases belongs to the companies, organizations, or persons duly indicated who have granted their respective rights to reproduction, disposition, or usage herein.

In any case, the access, diffusion, exhibition or disposition of all the above content through the website, either by VIDAL I PORTA, S.L. or third persons, does not entail a recognition of the right or any other attribute for the benefit of third persons, and they do not grant the Users any rights other than the right to visualize them, reproduce, print, and download the content of the site always when the following conditions are met:

1. It is compliant with goals of the website and that it does not harm the image and good name of VIDAL I PORTA, S.L., its customers, suppliers or co-operants, or its products or services of any character.

2. It is utilized for a personal and private purpose. Generally speaking, there is prohibited the use or exploitation for commercial or promotional character.

3. Here are observed intellectual or industrial property rights of VIDAL I PORTA, S.L., as well as of third persons, whom certain parts of the content belong to. A failure to fulfil the above presented conditions shall constitute an illegal act, which may lead to an institution of respective civil or penal procedures pursuant to the applicable legislation.

4. Personal data protection. VIDAL I PORTA, S.L., collects and handles personal data of Users of the present website in relation to rendered services. The treatment of the data, including the IP address of the equipment from which the information is sent is realised pursuant to provisions of the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, the Personal Data Protection law, which shall be included in respective files belonging to the said unit and utilised for the purpose of maintaining commercial relations with our customers and Users, as well as the arrangement of enquiries, suggestions, or doubts connected with our products or services. Wherever it is clearly indicated, data marked with an asterix (*) shall be obligatory; we cannot process a given service without them. The fact of sending the aforementioned information through the said sections, either announcements, communications, contact, or in any other way, is interpreted as your consent for the processing described herein, as well as for sending commercial communications connected with our products or services or those of our co-operants, advertisers or sponsors. Your data shall be treated as confidential and they shall be subject to technical and organizational measures established according to the applicable legislation to prevent an unauthorized access to them, their manipulation or elimination, without which, apart from your express consent, they shall not be transferred to other entities or third persons except for cases permitted by the law. In cases when you send us data to publish an announcement of a public comment, it shall be considered that you authorize us to publish your contact data including your name, e-mail address, telephone number or other data clearly indicated in every case. In any case and in any moment you can exercise your rights of access, cancellation or correction in reference to your data mentioned above, asking for it by means of writing to any of the addresses indicated in this Legal Note and accompanying a photocopy of your national identity card or an equivalent document. VIDAL I PORTA, S.L., can utilize cookies to personalize and facilitate the navigation of the User through its websites. The cookies shall be associated solely with an anonymous User and his/her computer and they shall not present any references permitting anybody deduct personal data of the User. The User will be able to configure with his computer to notify and reject the installation of cookies sent by www.vidaliporta.com, otherwise it may hinder the User’s possibility to get access to the website content.

5. Liability exclusions and limitations. The content appearing in these pages is offered for informative and distribution purpose. VIDAL I PORTA, S.L., supervises and maintains an update of the information, but it cannot guarantee its precision, reliability or an absolute lack of errors, computer viruses, or other applications that may be harmful for the User’s computer system or its contents, a permanent availability of the information, or the fact that there are no punctual interruptions due to maintenance or updating works. In any case we do not accept the liability for any interruptions in the communication and a lack of an update of the content until we are able to correct possible errors. As far as the content belonging to third parties is concerned, including links and hypertexts, the civil, penal or administrative responsibility of VIDAL I PORTA, S.A., as the intermediary service provider shall be limited according to the Law on the Services of Electronic Information and Commerce Companies. Thus we cannot accept any responsibility unless respective activities or information (1) is declared to be illegal or violating rights or interests of third persons by a competent body or authority, (2) until a prior resolution or order, a withdrawal or access to it is clearly communicated to VIDAL I PORTA, S.L., and (3) provisions of the said resolution are fulfilled.